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Transformational Ideas

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Incubate new ideas that will transform lives in the real world and help them to achieve their potential

Technology Platforms

Technology microservices cloud mobile applications

Help startups build exciting new exciting technology platforms that will change the world around us for the better 

Emerging Markets


Focus on startups and technologies that will help emerging markets become leading markets


Healthcare Technology

Significant rise in Chronic Diseases and inability of the Patients to have easy access to the right Specialist Doctors requires technology. We have invested in one such idea that Doctor consultations and build robust relationships within the healthcare ecosystem

Internet of Things

As we move towards a "connected" world, IoT will play a major role in transforming our lives and changing it for the better. We are closely monitoring this space for any new innovative idea

Financial Technology

A disruption in the financial sector is seen with new exciting technologies like AI, ML and Blockchain leading the way. This is an space that is on our radar as well


Vijay Tapaskar - Founder


25 years of vast experience with big corporations as well as early stage startups building complex and highly scalable products in the areas of Cloud, Networking and Edge computing

Atul Shah - Founder

Tech Warrior

Specialist in Turning Bright Ideas into products and bringing them to Market. 25 years of diverse experience of bootstrapping multiple startups and ideas

Bhakta Raghavan - Startup Advisor


Tech Whiz with 20+ years of Technical expertise in cutting-edge technologies. Mentor startups for Technology decisions and building Engineering practices

Ritesh Jayswal - Startup Advisor


Growth Hacker with 25 years of expertise in scaling enterprise businesses.  Mentors startups with unique Business Development strategies and setting up strong Sales practices

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